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‘Deal of the Century’ Offers Palestinians Billions in Incentives, But Will They Make Peace? (Video)


Jared Kushner unveiled President Trump’s long-awaited vision for Mideast peace, under which Palestinians would get $50 billion dollars just for making peace with Israel.

While the full terms of the Trump administration’s “Deal of the Century” Middle East proposal won’t be released until after Israeli elections in the fall, White House senior adviser Jared Kushner shared key economic aspects of the plan in this interview over the weekend with Reuters.
Trump’s proposal represents a major break from the approach of past U.S. presidents, who required Israel to agree to land-for-peace agreements that paradoxically resulted in Palestinians perpetrating more violence against Israelis.
Instead, the Trump plan offers Palestinians massive financial incentives in exchange for little more than accepting Israel’s existence and agreeing to seek a peaceful resolution to the conflict, instead of resorting to terror, violence, and self-destructive rejectionism.
Will pouring $50 billion from global investments into Palestinian society bring peace to the region?