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Policy Director Terry Allen

For 15 years, Terry Allen has represented some of the largest companies in America. Allen is a veteran political and legislative strategist with expertise on a broad range of issues -- from technology, energy, judiciary, telecommunications, tax and trade, to health care and nutrition. With over 27 years of professional experience in government, politics and public policy, Allen delivers results for several of the nation’s leading companies and trade associations through practical understanding of the legislative and decision-making processes and through building strategic partnerships and diverse policy and political coalitions.


In addition to serving as a leading government relations consultant, Allen has a long career as a leading political consultant for Republican candidates at all levels. He is considered a trusted professional who takes a limited number of races but delivers substantial results for those candidates he takes as clients.


Allen began his career in public policy in 1987 as a Congressional staffer on Capitol Hill. He began teaching campaign schools in 1989 when he assisted the late Paul Weyrich and Robert Krieble in training dissidents behind the Iron Curtain who, upon their release from prison, began running for national office. From 1989 until 1996, Allen trained multiple teams of these newly-released reformers who ran for national office in Russia, the Ukraine, Romania, and Moldova.


Since that time Allen has successfully consulted on numerous political campaigns, from State House races to Presidential primaries, with significant wins at all levels.



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